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Limited Edition Trio

Limited Edition Trio

These three Trios are the Harmonic Creation Field Trio, but made from a heavy 4-gauge wire... the same gauge that our large Practitioner's sets are made from!!

These can be used by placing directly on the body.  Again, the heavier gauge is usually felt by in the physical more than the lighter gauge, though these are truly not any more powerful than the Water Rings.  It is not recommended to use these as water rings, as water does not require the heavier gauged rings.  Water is much more sensitive to energy.

What would you do with these heavy rings?  They certainly make a great conversation piece!!!  They are collectors items, indeed. 

Each one is hand forged from an ultra heavy gauge twist.  Our shop foreman, Lucas, loves a challenge!!  He spends a lot of time working on these when he feels super strong and able to work with such a heavy gauge.

All Trio sets of Rings have a stamp near the weld. 

GF= Golden Fire
RR= Regeneration Ring
HB= Harmony Ring (Balance and Harmony)

Outside diameter, in Inches:

Small Trio=

Medium Trio=

Large Trio=