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Emergency Zone Bundle

Brand: Emergency Zone


  • ✅ No One Left Behind: Our pets are more than just animals, they are family. Most people know they should have a pet emergency survival kit for themselves, but when a disaster strikes what about your furry family member? Make sure you are prepared to protect EVERYONE in your family.
  • ✅ Discrete Black Backpack: All the survival supplies are conveniently packed in a discrete, nondescript, heavy-duty backpack that won't draw unwanted attention to you and your valuable emergency supplies during a disaster. We pack our emergency survival kits to be as light-weight and as compact as possible, so it won't weigh you down and you'll still have enough space remaining to include personal items such as medication, clothing, child comfort items, pet items, and important documents.
  • ✅ Food & Water: During an emergency, water is vital and access may be limited, skip the trouble of boiling water or wasting any of your precious supply to reconstitute freeze dried meals. The USA MADE SOS BRAND FOOD RATIONS AND WATER included are US Coast Guard approved and have a 5-YEAR SHELF LIFE from manufacture date. The food ration bars are great tasting and calorie dense, require no extra water to rehydrate, no reheating, and were developed to be non-thirst inducing.
  • ✅ Physical & Psychological Needs: A good deal of human food is poisonous to dogs, and access to water can be very limited during a disaster. In this emergency go bag, you will get food, water, an emergency blanket, and many other items to help meet your dog's physical needs. For their psychological needs, we put items in dog emergency kit to make them feel more secure. Having things to distract your dog can help put him at ease in an unfamiliar environment, so there are toys included.
  • ✅ Emergency Guidebook: Not only does this emergency go bag have the survival tools and emergency gear you need to survive in a disaster, but also included is our Emergency Preparedness Guidebook that willidebook that will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to as well. In it you will find crucial survival information from how to create an emergency plan, to administering life-saving first aid, to what to do during an earthquake, hurricane, nuclear disaster, pandemic, and more.

Publisher: Emergency Zone

Details: Included in the Urban 2 Person Bug Out Survival Kit is: ORGANIZATION:Black discrete backpack Zip lock bags x5document container WEATHER PROTECTION:Reflective sleeping bags x2Adult size poncho x22 person tube tent Hand warmers x2 FOOD AND WATER:US Coast Guard approved 5 year shelf life 3600 calorie bars x 2US Coast Guard 5 year shelf life 4.2 oz water pouches x121 L water purification powder x5Folding 1 L water container for purifying waterWater purification instruction sheet LIGHT AND COMMUNICATION:4-in-1 Dynamo Radio Flashlight x1Light sticks x2. HYGIENE:Toothbrush x2 ToothpasteCombRazorShampooSoapFeminine pad x2WashclothToilet paper rollSewing kit. 118 PIECE FIRST AID KIT: Band aidsDressingButterfly closuresCotton tip applicatorsAntiseptic TowelettesN95 masks x2Self-adhesive bandageTweezersTrauma scissors Tools:10yd duct tape5 in 1 survival whistle50 ft ropeLeather palm work glovesMulti tool knifePlaying cardsGI can openerPencil48 page Emergency Preparedness GuideIncluded in the Basic Dog Emergency Survival Kit is:ORGANIZATION:Large Nylon Bag x1SANITATION:Puppy Pad x1Dog Waste Bag x15 FOOD AND WATER:6oz Dog Food x 2US Coast Guard 5 year shelf life 4.2 oz water pouches x6Dog Folding Food Dish x2 FIRST AID KIT:53 Pc First Aid Kit x1Self Stick Bandage x1Tweezers x1Trauma Shears x1Pair of Nitrile Gloves x1Pet Splint Set-2lg, 2sm 4x4 Sterile Gauze x2Pet First Aid Book x1 TOOLS:Light Stick x1Emergency Reflective Blanket x1Signal Whistle x1Dog Collar x1Dog Leash x1Dog Flying Toy x1Dog Rope Toy x1

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