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Advanced TRS (Toxin Removal System)

It is with joy and passion that we present you the world's safest and most effective way to detox heavy metals and other toxins! Coseva's Advanced TRS is a spray of nano-zeolite that traps in toxins and safely removes them from the body. It's super easy to use, it tastes like water, it is effective at removing toxins from the body in a safe manner. Here are just some of the things that makes TRS incredible: 


- Safely removes over 80 000 toxins from your body

- Nano-sized zeolite particles able to detox toxins at a cellular level. 

- Every bottle contains over 350 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of surface area to help neutralize toxins.

- Assists in the removal of Fluoride, Mercury, Glyphosate, Arsenic, Lead, Aluminum and many more from the body.

- Can help reduce the many symptoms associated with heavy-metal toxicity (Fatigue, depression, anxiety, candida, digestive issues, etc.)

- Can increase dream recall and spiritual capabilities as the zeolite is a crystal with piezoelectric properties. Also assists in pineal gland decalcification.


How does it work?

TRS contains nano-sized zeolite particles who have a caged-like structure that is highly negatively charged, and thus it constantly attracts positively charged ions right into its cage. It just so happens that most of the things that are bad for us are positively charged, and therefore when they get in contact with the zeolite they get neutralized and trapped.

Since the zeolite is suspended in water and nano-sized, it is able to go everywhere in the body, being able to cross the blood-brain barrier and go through the smallest of cells. The neutralized toxins don't cause havoc as they leave the body through regular evacuation channels (Bowels, sweat, urine, etc.), which is why TRS is the safest detox method there is. 


How to Use?

TRS is a spray, so all you have to do is spray under the tongue and that’s it! The standard usage rate is 1 spray per 30 pounds of weight. You may always do more or less – because each person is different. The average adult recommendation is 5 sprays per day, and this will have a bottle last them approximately one month.


Why use TRS?

Heavy metals such as Mercury or Lead cause constant damage to the body. They are neurotoxin (toxic to the nerves), they are the main building block in the protection mechanism of parasites and Candida, they cause inflammation and oxidation throughout the body. Exposure currently surpasses our body’s natural ability to detox from the toxin overload, and so TRS is there to assist the body in doing its job effectively!


There is a lot more that could be said about heavy-metal toxicity and all the amazing benefits of TRS, and if you want to have more information, it is possible to read the FREE book created by Alek Dumas, which goes in-depth about the whole subject and links to over a hundred scientific studies. It is available to download right now on his website www.alekdumas.com/free


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