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We are a conscious business, on a mission to Empower ourselves and those around us to live in abundance of health, wealth and happiness.

We share The Goods™!

Free enterprise should exist for reasons beyond just making a profit. At PRODUCTSHARE, we believe that the true purpose of business is to improve our lives and create value for all stakeholders -- customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and society at large. We do this by sharing our profits evenly between our customers, our co-creators and non-profit initiatives that fight for causes that help the planet we sharetogether become a more abundant place to live.


We love our customers and reward their loyalty with 33.3% of our profits in the form of 100% cash backs for Productsharing. There is enough abundance to go around for everyone and we are the first online retailer to prove this by example! 


Our intention is for PRODUCTSHARE to be the best place to work on the planet, which is why we reserve a third of our profits to be distributed equally among our teammates to enable us to live a lifestyle of abundant health, wealth and happiness.


To thank the Universe, we give generously to fuel initiatives that help humanity expand and evolve. Our intention is to give a third of our profit to fund awareness campaigns, research projects and non-profits that help us expand our consciousness and extend the lifespan of our bodies.