All about PRODUCTSHARing. Learn how to Productshare and earn 100% cashback on your purchases. 


When you shop on PRODUCTSHARE you Productshare! To Productshare means to buy things like you normally would online, but your purchases are automagically shared to your personal news feed on Facebook. And that's where the real magic happens.

When your friends click on your Productshare (a post on social media of your purchase) and are inspired to buy the same item, PRODUCTSHARE will credit the entire cost of the product back to you. Now because your friends would have to be Productsharing too, they would also get their money back as soon as a friend of theirs buys the same product. And in this manner the magic of Productsharing can continue infinitely from friend to friend, until every customer gets their money back while enjoying an abundance of amazing products with the people they love, absolutely free. It's not magic. It's PRODUCTSHARE.

If one or more of your friends buy the same product as you from your Productshare post, we credit you the entire purchase price of that product. Automagically <3

When you Productshare, you share your purchases on your Facebook feed. A small percentage of your friends will buy the same product. We reward you with 100% cash back only once per product so there will be times when more than one of your friends buys the same product, and it is through these sales that the company is able to make a profit and share it equally with our customers by continuing to offer 100% cash back for Productsharing.