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Herbon: Herbal Libido Enhancement

Herbon: Herbal Libido Enhancer


    HERBON is made from a powerful blend of organic herbs trusted for centuries by millions of Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners.


    Backed by multiple clinical studies, Herbon induces an erection within 60 minutes of the first dose and will help you maintain heightened sex drive for 24 hours or longer.


    CLINICALLY PROVEN SAFER ALTERNATIVE TO PRESCIRPTION MALE ENHANCEMENT.Powerful blend of organic ingredients trusted for centuries by millions of yogis and Ayurveda practitioners.

Get you Hard On with HerbOn

How were the Yogis of ancient India able to enjoy vibrant sex lives and practice even the most stamina-intensive Kama Sutra poses well into their seventies and eighties?

The answer is simple. Because they had the formula of the most powerful sexual stimulant that allowed them to supercharge their libido and induce poweful, long-lasting erections anytime they chose. Back then they relied exclusively on herbal remedies to stay healthy and prevent the symptoms of aging such as erectile dysfunction and decreased libido.

They practiced the oldest natural healing medicinal system, "Aurvedic Medicine", the effectiveness of which is only now being discovered in the West. Herbon is the result of many years of Ayurvedic Medicine research undertaken by the Herbon team. They traveled all around India with the sole objective of finding the most effective natural alternative to the costly pharmaceutical products that are prone to side-effects yet have a virtual monopoly on the male enhancement and erectile dysfunction markets. After years of tests and clinical trials with numerous people, they were able to find the most efficient blend of all-natural ingredients that could solve the issue of erectile dysfunction. PRODUCTSHARE is proud and honored to be the first North American retailer introduce this clinically proven herbal formula in a single capsule called Herbon. Herbon has helped millions of people in India to solve the issue of erectile dysfunction and is now available over the counter without prescirption as a safe and healthy alternative to the expensive pharmaceuticals.

Customer Reviews

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This product rocks!

It really does work. Gets your hard on!

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate you guys...

your product is a game changer for me. Thanks for your excellent customer service and have an awesome holiday

Lifesaver product

I couldn't be happier about my purchase. Herbon is a gamechanger!

Needs to be cheaper!

This product costs an an arm and a leg but it works. I would give 5 star if it was cheaper

Right on!

All i gotta say this herb is on point. My shawty wanna get more of dat

Better than Cialis

I usually rely on Cialys to make my erections harder, but a friend recommended this to me. So I decided to give Hebon a shot. Not only does this pill work faster and last longer, but it's also way cheaper and doesnt need prescription. Thumbs up Herb on!


Got the product in less than a week and I more than happy with the results. Herbon works like a charm and doesn't affect my high bloodpressure like the chemical pills


I love the fact that it's 100% Natural. It works everytime and with no headaches or dehydradration. It also boosted my energy throughout the day.


I've tried so many different types of products. But with age I have to start caring about what I put in my body. My doctor told me this was fine since it was 100% Natural (I'm not a doctor, so I'm not saying its approved for you as well, check with your doctor). It's given me lots of energy and confidence to help me go through my day after an eventful evening. HIGHLY recommended for men who want to improve their sex life!


This herbal Pill didnt just help my sex life, it also boosted my testosorone levels and gave me a lot more energy throughout my day! I love this product.

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The Herbon formula.

We are brave enough to show you what we use. These ingredients are not easy to come by. We grow these herbs in their own habitat in India and can only produce small batches during each harvest. The Herbon pill was clinically tested to provide the right mix and volume of ingredients to increase sexual stimulation. The following chart provides context as to which ingredients make up the Herbon capsule and why each one was chosen.


Family: Celastracae Celastrus Paniculatas
Habitat: Sub-Himalayan tract up to 2,000m and South Indian hills.
Action: Seeds-nervine and brain tonic, diaphoretic, febrifugal, emetic. Seed -oil-used for treating mental depression, hysteria and for improving memory; also used for scabies, eczema, wounds, rheumatic pains, paralysis. A decoction of seeds is given in gout, rheumatism, paralysis and for treating leprosy and other skin diseases. Leaves antidysenteric, emmenagogue. Root -a paste of root -bark is applied to swollen veins and pneumonic affections. 

Velvet bean

Family:  Papilionaceous, Fabaceae
Habitat:  Throughout India, including Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Action:   Seed-astringent, nervine tonic, local stimulant, used in impotence, spermatorrhoea, urinary troubles, leucorrhea, traditionally used for male virility. Also used in depressive neurosis. Hair on fruit- vermifuge, mild vesicant; used for diseases of liver and gallbladder.
Leaf-applied to ulcers. Pod-anthelmintic. Root and fruit-spasmolytic, hypoglycemic. Root-CNS active. 


Family:  Orchidaceae
Habitat:  Kashmir to Nepal at altitudes of 2,500-5,000m in damp places.
Action:  Considered an aphrodisiac and nervine tonic by Unani physicians. Tuber-nutritive, demulcent, restorative. Given to convalescents suffering from chronic diarrhea and bilious fevers. Allays irritation of gastro-intestinal tracts. 


Family:  Compositae; Asteraceae
Habitat:  Native to the Mediterranean region; cultivated in Algeria.
Action:  Stimulant, cordial, rubefacient (reddening of the skin, used in the treatment of pain by increasing blood flow.) A gargle of infusion is prescribed for relaxed vulva. Root- used for toothache, rheumatic and neuralgic affections and rhinitis (inflammation of mucous membrane within nose.) Roots, along with the root of Withania somnifera and Vitis vinifera, are used in epilepsy. 

Nut Meg

Habitat: Dioecious or occasionally monoecious aromatic tree, about 10-20 m high, found mostly in Tamil Nadu and to some extent in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Assam.
Action:  The essential oil derived from Mace is
considered to be the most efficacious. The oil is a potent brain booster. It increases concentration and relieves stress. Mace is an excellent liver tonic. It dissolves kidney stones and prevents infection. The herb is also beneficial for the heart as it stimulates blood circulation. Mace’s anti- inflammatory properties are used to treat joint and muscle aches. 


Family:  Myrtaceae
Habitat:  Cultivated in many parts of the world and also to a considerable extent in South India: flower buds collected twice a year, In the months of October and February when they change colour from green to crimson, dried carefully and separated from their peduncles. They are largely grown in humid climates across the globe.
Action:  People often know cloves as a form of spicing and seasoning for food, but they are also widely used as a healing compound. Cloves contain - among other compounds – gallotannins, triterpenes (natural compounds that are seen to be antidiabetic), flavonoids and phenolic acids. Phenolic acids are found in a variety of plant-based foods; the seeds and skins of fruits and the leaves of vegetables contain the highest concentrations. They work as antioxidants that prevent cellular damage and also promote anti-inflammatory conditions. 

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